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Seattle Mariners Flag and House Divided Flag

The Seattle Mariners are a professional baseball team located in Seattle, Washington, USA. This beloved team has been representing Seattle since 1977, when they joined the American League West division. The Seattle Mariners have a long history, and the team has become an integral part of Seattle culture. As such, the logo, symbols, and colors of the team are widely recognized across the city and beyond.

The Seattle Mariners flag and the House Divided flag are two popular representations of the team. Both flags feature the team’s classic blue, green, yellow, and white color scheme, and they showcase the team’s iconic “seahawk” logo. The House Divided flag features two crossed flags, one blue with the Seattle Mariners logo and one white with the opposing team’s logo. For fans interested in more of these unique flags, take a look at our selection of MLB House Divided Flags. The Seattle Mariners flag has the team logo centered on a blue background and is the perfect way to show your support for the team.

The Seattle Mariners flag and House Divided flag are a perfect way for fans to show their support for the team. Fans can proudly display the flags at home or at the ballpark. The flags are also great gifts for friends and family members who are also Seattle Mariners fans. With its bright colors and classic design, the Seattle Mariners flag or House Divided flag is sure to be a valued addition in any fan’s collection.