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Introduction to Cleveland Guardians Flags

The Cleveland Guardians is a professional Major League Baseball team based in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 2020, the team is part of the American League of MLB. They are one of the two MLB teams in Ohio. To celebrate and show their support for the team, fans often purchase flags and house divided flags of the Cleveland Guardians.

Cleveland Guardians Flags

The flags of the Cleveland Guardians feature the team’s official logo, a bold letter “C” that stands for Cleveland in the center of the shield. The logo is surrounded by a thick white border with the team’s name, “Cleveland Guardians”, printed around it. These flags come in a variety of sizes and colors, making it easy for fans to show their support for the team.

Cleveland Guardians House Divided Flags

To symbolize the strong unity of fans of both teams in the same household, fans have the option to purchase house divided flags. These flags feature two team logos on each side of the flag. One side of the flag has the logo of the Cleveland Guardians while the other side of the flag has the logo of the team’s opponent. For a diverse range of these flags, visit our collection of MLB House Divided Flags. These house divided flags are great for households with a member who is a fan of one team and another member who is a fan of the other team.

Why Fans Need to Buy Cleveland Guardians Flags and House Divided Flags

As the Cleveland Guardians are still a new team, they need all the support they can get from their fans. Fans who choose to purchase these flags and house divided flags are showing their support and dedication to the team in a unique way. By displaying these flags in their homes, these fans are showing their team spirit and pride for their beloved Cleveland Guardians. In addition, the flags serve as a lasting reminder of the strong bond between the fans and the team.