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The Meaning Behind the Seattle Kraken Flag & House Divided Flag

The Seattle Kraken is the latest NHL expansion team and the first to join the league since the Vegas Golden Knights in 2017. Fans of the team can show their pride and spirit with the official Seattle Kraken flags and house divided flags. These flags celebrate the team, its players, and its unique place in Seattle history.

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The Seattle Kraken flag is a navy blue banner with the iconic logo of a giant Kraken set in the center. Its colors of navy and ice blue evoke the team’s identity and the waters of the Puget Sound. The house divided flag celebrates the team’s shared pride and humanity within the Seattle community. It is a navy blue banner with both the Kraken logo and the Seattle city flag intersecting in the center.

These flags are must-haves for any Seattle Kraken fan. Whether you are a long-time fan of the team or just getting acquainted, the Seattle Kraken flags and house divided flags are the perfect way to show your support. They are also great gifts for fellow fans, as well as a wonderful way to commemorate the team’s place in Seattle sports history.